With Immersium, reality
will never cease to amaze you.


Immersive learning That is our bet. That’s why we are dedicated to creating experiences based on virtual reality, augmented, and mixed.

That’s why we work for education, culture and tourism.

That’s why … we created Immersium.


Spin off of the  Universitat Oberta de Catalunya


We are technologists, pedagogues,
creatives and innovators.


We enjoy listening and understanding the needs of our clients. But we enjoy even more by providing experiences that capture your target audience with unforgettable experiences

Luis Villarejo


Luis Villarejo Muñoz, co-founder and CEO of Immersium Studio, researcher at the New Tourism Laboratory and responsible for projects in the Mobile Solutions Area and coordinator of the definition and implementation of the inclusive mobile strategy and the mobility guidelines in the experience of user (UX) of the UOC. He has coordinated multidisciplinary teams that integrate Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Natural Language Processing and others in mobile learning technologies for elearning.

Iván Martí


Iván Martí Nieto, co-founder and CTO at Immersium Studio, responsible for the engineering team and implementing the technical strategy. Computer engineer who has carried out projects in the fields of virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality, such as the PaintXYZ project that was awarded as the best entrepreneurial project in 2016 by the UOC and the Ramon Molinas Foundation. His knowledge in the systems and network administration branches, programmer in large variants of codes, designer, modeler, animator and the rest of multimedia variants, allows him to manage and direct project teams both externally and internally.