RV and RA: applications in health, welfare and training of health professionals

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Yesterday, an article written by our CEO Luís Villarejo was published in the Ciències de la Salut Blog of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), whose main objective is to address the applicability of Virtual Reality (RV) Mixed Reliance (RM) ) and Augmented Reality (RA) in the field of Health.

Through the RV / RA / RM, various processes and activities related to health services can be optimized, such as the training of health professionals, improving empathy and the doctor-patient relationship, reducing the perception of chronic pain or sharp …

We also point out in this article the key importance of the fact that user behavior within a VR / AR / MR system is fully monitored and auditable for later review and debriefing. That is, we are faced with systems that allow us to manage and review user interactions, guide them, comment on them later or during the experience … This offers us high potential, especially in the field of training medical professionals, because we can reduce to zero the negative consequences of the failures committed in formative periods, while that failure automatically becomes an opportunity to do better in real life.

You can deepen about this and other related contents by consulting the article here. 

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