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Cliente: Spark Girls
Sector: Culture, Education
Tipo:  Workshop

Origin of the project


Yomo (The Young Mobile Festival) is an event that is celebrated every year in Barcelona for the dates of the Mobile World Congress. This event, focused on children and young people, attempts to promote the knowledge of the professional sectors and careers STEAM.


In Yomo children and not so young will find interactive workshops, shows and many activities, all accompanied by the use of the latest technologies. In this event, Spark Girls contacted Immersium Studio to conduct a workshop in a collaborative manner.


Visit the international station!


This workshop, organized by children of around 14 years old, was about to take roles with a certain degree of interpretation. Immersium Studio played the role of NASA scientists and children were proposed challenges that had to be resolved, to help scientists solve a very serious problem at the international station. To solve the problem, children had to:


• Collaborate with each other to solve the problem.

• Using glasses of virtual reality, where they were shown immersive environments.