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Cliente: Solvia
Sector: Real estate
Tipo: Project, Event

Origin of the project


Solvia is a company that is dedicated to real estate activity and is part of Banco Sabadell. As an entity, apart from the real estate business it dedicates great efforts to new technologies and innovation to improve the communication and proximity of its clients. Hence its interest is to use immersive technologies and the moment in which he contacted Immersium Studio.


A new way of communicating with the client


In this project, Immersium Studio perform the following applications for Solvia:


• An augmented reality application to visualize construction and real buildings of Solvia in 3D.


• An application to actually visualize augmented superimposed content on images, from an event of exposure.


• An application in virtual reality, where we can visit an existing floor or under construction.


• Technologies of virtual reality by means of interaction with real gestures, using Kinect, to move through the interior of real floors or to build.