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Cliente: Quaternari, UOC
Sector: Culture, Education
Tipo: Project

Origin of the project


In the area of the natural park of Garraf, is the Guixera. This is the research and archeology laboratory of the Quaternari research group of the University of Barcelona. In the laboratory they perform post-extraction tasks of the fossil remains of the excavations. Few know the methodologies and how archaeologists work after extraction, so they were interested in performing and using immersive technologies to transmit this knowledge to everyone.


La Guixera, archeological research laboratory


Immersium Studio has made a video project guide 360⁰. It is about making a short route around the Garraf park and the interior of La Guixera. In this guide you can:


• Visit the surroundings and interior of La Guixera in 360⁰.


• Interact to move freely through the different points of interaction.


• Visualize visual audio content 360⁰, with explanations of the works that are carried out in the post extraction of fossil remains.


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