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Cliente: UOC
Sector: Culture, Education
Tipo:  Workshop

The laboratory of the augmented and virtual reality of the UOC


The agency for the competitiveness of the company of the Generalitat de Catalunya (ACCIÓ) organized, in 2017 in Barcelona, the XXII edition of its Fòrum d’Inversió. An appointment with more than 500 attendees where 21 entrepreneurial projects selected from more than 100 candidates were presented. The last seven editions of the Forum have boosted more than 161 million euros.


The event had the presentation outside the contest of Augmented and Virtual Reality Lab (ARlab), In charge of LuisVillarejo, technician of the Technology Area of the UOC, as an outstanding project in the field of ICT. This UOC transfer project, financed by ACTION, is oriented towards the study of viability for the creation of a technology and knowledge base company.


The AXA auditorium of Barcelona hosted a meeting with more than 400 planned meetings and the presence of 24 investors as a jury, which determined the winner of the Investment Forum Award to the project with the greatest potential for innovation and internationalization. This edition of the Forum had investors from the United Kingdom.


Immersium Studio was born from the ARLAB department and lab as a Spin-off of the UOC, which is as it was known in the past.