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Cliente: CosmoCaixa
Sector: Culture, Tourism, Education
Tipo: Project

Origin of the project


The CosmoCaixa science museum in Barcelona is one of the few museums in Spain that have received one of the European awards, which recognizes the great work done in the fields of technological advances and innovation. The museum offers a variety of exhibitions, one of them we can find the giant head of a Triceratops. This fossil is one of the largest and most intact challenges encountered, and is considered the living being with the largest head that has walked the earth. It was found on a ranch in North Dakota in the late 1990s and can now be visited at the CosmoCaixa museum.


An attraction that everyone wants to see.


The CosmoCaixa Museum contacted Immersium Studio to expand and improve the Triceratops experience, so that the visitor could receive and understand the immense fossil.


The proposals of Immersium were to increase the head, offering an experience of augmented reality on the head of the Triceratops itself. The application recognizes the leader through 3D readings of the real model and in this way the virtual model is embedded, showing how the Triceratops was and lived.