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Cliente: eHealth, UOC R&I
Sector: Culture, Education
Tipo: Project, R&I

Origin of the project


The UOC R & I eHealth Research and Academic Research Group is in charge of transferring, generating and exchanging knowledge in digital health. His work methodology focuses on researching, informing and advising to contribute to the progress and welfare of people.


In one of his projects of study in the alimentary fields of the people, for the control of obesity and the ingestion of unhealthy foods for the people of different ranks, they decided to make use of immersive technologies, to validate his study.


The virtual food, substitute for the real one


In this project, Immersium Studio was responsible for generating an application in which the user was immersed in a virtual environment very close to the real one. In this case, the surroundings were a restaurant with a rotating tape, where the dishes were shown by categories.


The user chose the dishes and had the possibility of receiving accurate nutrition information (based on real nutritional studies).