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Clientes: Quaternari, UOC
Sector: Culture, Education
Tipo: Project

Origin of the project


In 2002, a water trunk uncovered a site in a cave of the Garraf massif, Castelldefels, with remains of more than 2000 thousand species. During the excavations carried out by the groups of researchers GRQ-SERP and the University of Barcelona during the period 2012 to 2018, were the remains of elephants with 100,000 years of age, Rhinos (Stephanorhinus hundsheimensis) with 160,000 years of age and Several deer (Haploidoceros mediterraneus) with ages included in the previous remains.


The finding of these bone remains attracted the attention of many national and international media, emerging news in television networks such as the sixth and TV3. That is why the research groups decided to bring a new level of presentation using the latest technologies, a more accurate view of how these animals were.


Augmented reality to get to know the past better


A good way to get to know and see how these animals were, how they lived and how they moved was using immersive technologies of augmented reality. At Immersium Studio we are specialists in applying this type of technology to solve the needs in technology projects and research.


Our work focused on the following points:


• The visual representation in virtual format of the historical moment of what has happened, giving an attractive, fun and interesting technological format.


• Facilitate the understanding of scientific content through the use of RA creating a rapprochement between the user and the paleontological material of the rhino and deer.


• Promote innovation through RA, as a boost format today.


As a result, we generate an augmented reality application in magical window format, where you can see the rhinoceros in a high level of detail, an environment similar to the one that lived 160,000 years ago. The magic window is a new concept that allows you to play with the perspective and the real movement, to see what is behind a virtual portal. This portal teaches another world as if it were within reach, generating a “Wow” effect for anyone who sees it.