Immersium Studio to the iLRN 2019

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On June 25, Immersium Studio, #spinoff from @UOCuniversity, will give a demonstration presentation at the 5th International Conference of the Immersive Learning Research Network at @UniWestminster.

The 5th Annual International Conference of the Immersive Learning Research Network is an innovative academic and practical meeting for an emerging global network of developers, educators and research professionals who collaborate to develop the scientific, technical and applied potential of immersive learning.

iRLN (Immersive Learning Research Network) consists in developing a broad agenda of research and comprehensive dissemination to find the learning potential, possibilities and challenges of immersive learning environments. To achieve this, the mission of iLRN is to invite and organize scientists, professionals, organizations and innovators in all disciplines to explore, describe and apply the optimal use of immersive worlds and environments for educational purposes. In addition, the conference, meetings and virtual symposiums aim to develop the ability to explain and demonstrate how these immersive learning environments work best using a variety of rigorous, systematic and meaningful research methods and dissemination strategies.

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