Immersium Studio gets the award for the best XR app iLRN 2019

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In the period from June 24 to 27, the 5th International Congress of the Research Network in Immersive Learning iLRN 2019 was held. During the event, Immersium Studio presented a large part of its projects in which the interactive VR application for communication and communication was highlighted. the feedback on immersive learning developed with UOC Corporate..

More than 70 people passed through the stand during the two hours of the demonstration. Among the users who tested the XR app were representatives of companies such as BT de Londres, Ubisoft, students, professors, consultants and others.

The feedback received from the people who tested the application was generalized to a positive response. All agreed on the high visual quality, fluid interaction and a high level of quality in the script and learning after using the application. The response was so positive that many users repeated up to 3 times the experience even some did not want to leave their seat after a period that exceeded the total minutes of the pilot.

For the event we had to make changes to the application, since it was originally recorded in Spanish, so we had to add subtitles in English that were anchored to the user’s vision, allowing him to read all the content without it being annoying or It will cover important visual contents, such as gestures of the actors or actions of the actors.
Finally, on June 26, the awards dinner was held, where we were awarded the prize for the best XR application of the iLRN 2019, highlighting the great quality acquired by this type of experience that until now had not seen in any other experience.

What is iLRN 2019?

The 5th Annual International Conference of the Immersive Learning Research Network is an innovative academic and practical meeting for an emerging global network of developers, educators and research professionals who collaborate to develop the scientific, technical and applied potential of immersive learning.

iRLN (Immersive Learning Research Network) consists in developing a broad agenda of research and comprehensive dissemination to find the learning potential, possibilities and challenges of immersive learning environments. To achieve this, the mission of iLRN is to invite and organize scientists, professionals, organizations and innovators in all disciplines to explore, describe and apply the optimal use of immersive worlds and environments for educational purposes. In addition, the conference, meetings and virtual symposiums aim to develop the ability to explain and demonstrate how these immersive learning environments work best using a variety of rigorous, systematic and meaningful research methods and dissemination strategies.

We leave you a small gallery of images of the event.

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