We put all our experience and innovation at our clients service.

Immersive training

We co-create with our clients the training solutions that best suit their needs. We generate training experiences in the metaverse through immersive technologies (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality).


We analyze our clients needs to guide them in the best way to achieve their goals through immersive technologies.

Immersive Communication

We co-create communication/exhibition solutions that help our clients achieve their goals by generating more visits and greater impact from their communication/exhibition actions.

  • Immersive Learning Research Network 2020

    Virtual Reality

    We design an immersive experience to show the change in favor of sustainable development

  • metaverso

    Virtual Reality

    We train more than 20,000 health professionals in the ICU use

  • Family Approach VR

    Virtual Reality

    We train health professionals in bad news communication

  • Family Approach VR

    Virtual Reality

    360 interactive video

  • TPM Journey VR

    Virtual Reality

    We show the internal hospital functioning in the Spanish model of organ donation and transplantation


  • La Guixera

    Virtual Reality

    We take you inside the  Garraf Natural Park Guixera to see the archaeologists work 


  • Augmented Reality

    We add digital information to a real object