Immersive Learning


What is immersive learning?

Immersive learning is a powerful tool to transfer people to relevant learning contexts in which they learn, make decisions and put into practice both soft and hard skills. Thus, training processes are complemented by offering an experiential and highly realistic experience to people who are trained through Active Learning, which allows them to practice and improve their skills, make mistakes, learn and gain confidence when they face these situations in real life.

We design our immersive experiences for both standalone Virtual Reality glasses and cardboard glasses that work with a mobile device. We also produce immersive experiences without the need to use any device, through 360º video.


Immersive learning projects

Immersive learning allows you to experience in an experiential way experiences that are difficult to live in real life, such as learning with patients, family members or clinical material in the health sector, facing a superior in corporate situations or visiting historical places or documents that otherwise would not be possible.