Changemakers, VR and Immersium Studio for social change

Changemakers, VR and Immersium Studio for social change

As we explained last month, the influencer Haifa Beseisso visited the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) facilities in the framework of the Changemakers initiative. Today we tell you a little more about Changemakers and how we have been part of it.

Changemakers is a campaign promoted by, which aims to activate a global network of social entrepreneurs, innovators, business leaders, activists and public policy makers, with the purpose of supporting projects and challenges that contribute to social, global and interdisciplinary change.

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During her visit to the UOC, we showed Haifa our headquarters and explained how virtual reality and augmented reality are tools that can contribute the aforementioned social change. Among others, Haifa had the opportunity to test our Virtual Reality experience “Communication and Feedback improvement” that Immersium Studio has designed for the corporate world.

The Guardian has wanted to document this global impact great campaign, so they have published an interview with Haifa, during which the Youtuber said:

“One of the things that impacted me most during my visit to the UOC has been to discover how new tools such as virtual reality are used to teach emotional intelligence. It’s awesome!”

The Guardian about Changemakers and Immersium Studio

At Immerisum Studio we believe that, in a world where – unfortunately – there are still vast prejudices and inequalities, our priority must be to be envolved in public and private initiatives that foster this change, which guide us on the path to working together for social justice. That is why we are very proud to be part of this type of initiative and bring our knowledge and our enthusiasm to the Changemakers campaign, through a university of reference such as the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya .

“I saw a lot of passion, a lot of freedom”

These were Haifa words when she explained in one of her videos what she conveyed the experience of visiting the UOC and our headquarters. From Immersium Studio we are very proud to be part of this type of initiative that we consider vital for the good social functioning, and it is also greater to have the pleasure of doing it with young people with a vitality like that of Haifa . We also thank the UOC for its commitment and Salesforce for its initiative, and all the other persons, teams, platforms and companies that are part of this campaign.

As Haifa says, we work to “Break the borders and stereotypes” and this is what we will continue doing.

Immersium Studio Team

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