Avaluació de l’experiència VR Family Approach pels usuaris


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Aquesta és l’avaluació de l’experiència VR Family Approach a partir dels qüestionaris d’avaluació resposts pels participants, donant la seva opinió (86 respostes) de 3 cursos diferents organitzats per TPM (Transplant Procurement Management) i DTI (Donation & Transplantation Institute) en 2021.

Evaluation Criteria


USABILITY of the App
Simplicity and ease of navigation and usability (Is the chapter selector, language and subtitle selector, menu, etc. easy to find and use?)4,1
The speed of download times3,88
To what extent did the instructions help you understand how the App and Virtual Reality Glasses work?4,11
Speed and efficiency in resolving doubts or technical issues4,07
Duration of the experience (Are you satisfied with the length of the experience?)4,06
QUALITY of the experience
Visual quality of the experience4,13
Audio quality of the experience4,22
Quality of performance of the actors and actresses4,21
Feeling of immersion, quality of spaces and environments4,15

Evaluation Criteria


I feel I have learned (perhaps give examples of various topics that were discussed in the training)4,02
I feel I would have learned more in a regular online training compared to this Virtual Reality training3,03
I feel that I would have learned more in a traditional classroom training compared to this Virtual Reality training3,19
Evaluation methods have been adequate in terms of difficulty and originality4,03
The contents meet my expectations4,01
The evaluation methods (quizz, questions, etc.) have made me learn what my strengths and weaknesses are, helped me to better understand where I am in my learning process4,14

I found this Virtual Reality experience to be original, innovative and creative4,00
I got bored because of the repetition of the content or because the experience was too slow2,56
I would like to do more Virtual Reality training3,46
I found the forms of interaction in the experience enriching and interesting3,81

Estem molt contents de que aquesta experiència immersiva que hem co-creat amb la Fundació TPM-DTI hagi obtingut una puntuació global de 4/5 en els qüestionaris d’avaluació resposts pels participants al 2021.

Llegeix més informació sobre el projecte VR Family Approach aquí. 

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